Sun Mobilite – A free and trusted mobility advisor

Who are we?

SUNMOBILITE is a relocation agency, an ideal partner for your recruitment and internal transfers.

Finding the most talented candidates in today’s job market is increasingly competitive.

Finding a new home while starting a new job in a new place can be daunting for any candidate, but we will help you take it out of the equation.

Make your company stand out by offering our advice from your first interview with a prospective employee.

Our consultants will advise your candidates regarding their options to make moving easier, and will talk them through the specifics of the housing market of their new place of residence.

By providing candidates with a comprehensive and human approach, your prospective employee and their family will be reassured that their housing needs will be met, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Has someone you know been recently transferred or accepted a new job in a new city?

Receive €100 with our ambassador programme

SUN MOBILITE makes job transfers easier by helping employees to find their new home. This free service is supported by Action Logement Services.

Refer a friend or colleague today to help them find their new home, and receive a gift card.

Why choose us?


Our services are sponsored by Action Logement Services and entirely free for both the employer and the employee.


We make job transfers and recruitment easier by finding a suitable new home for your successful candidate.


Our comprehensive approach ensures your candidate and their family will find an ideal home to begin their new life.


Find your new home or help your employee relocate